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Once you click the link in the email, you’ll get to a page like below: If you have more than one song to release choose “Album” and if you only have a single song to release choose “Single.”. That will ensure that on your release date your song/album WILL be available on EVERY store. Publish your podcast to audiences on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, and more with OnPublish. It’s important to enter proper full names in the songwriter section of the people who actually wrote the song! Are you just looking to get your music on various streaming platforms, or do you want the DSP to promote your content or even master your tracks? If you’re running an independent label choose the $79.99 “Label” membership, otherwise one of the others will do. Podcast artwork must use a square (1:1) aspect ratio in the highest resolution available. Once your podcast is on Spotify you can share it with an even wider audience: your Instagram followers! Man, that was great! Why wouldn’t you? A great guide through a very intimidating process for a newbie like me. Also, whichever cover yo use, don't get it from google. 200MB is approximately 83 minutes at 320Kbps or over 200 minutes at 128Kbps. Just click whichever option suits you best: This service will make you enter your payment information and subscribe to the service before you’re able to start a new music release. Then hit the blue “Upload Artwork File” button to choose a file from your computer. That can be reported and your song will be removed. You’ll need one so get it. [feature artist name])”. Super helpful article. Spotify is arguably the biggest app for podcasts on the market these days. . It’s all about streaming. First off you have to create a free account entering in your basic info (name, email, etc). The Best Music Distribution Companies Online: How to Get Music on Spotify – Step-by-Step, How to Use TuneCore – Step By Step Walkthrough, How to Use DistroKid – Step-By-Step Walkthrough, How Much Does DistroKid, TuneCore and CDBaby Cost, How Long Does DistroKid, TuneCore and CDBaby Take to Upload Your Music to Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Other Places, Get Your Music Everywhere Else + Find New Fans, using TuneCore to release a new song every single week. Shazam and Siri can be used to tell listeners the name and artist of a song they don’t know but are currently listening to (think of malls, restaurants, coffee shops, radio, etc). Know what’s happening with your royalties. Make sure you have completed the recording of an original song that you want to publish on Spotify. Hello Music Composers and Producers, Mike here. Don’t make it more difficult for a random person to access your music. Playlist data. It usually takes some time (a day or so) for the Aggregator staff to review your submission. choosing TuneCore is the better choice for most artists, get higher payouts, peace of mind and full distribution of your music, make sure your music is fully mixed and mastered, Addons like handling Publishing Administration (collecting your royalties for you), Film/TV/etc sync placement opportunities for your distributed songs (if you addon the Pub Admin. This is a legally binding agreement so make sure you know what’s up with it. Spotify is a hugely important platform for discovering and streaming new music, and with Ditto, you can easily get your tracks into this vital store. offer you 20% OFF your first distribution! iTunes. Standard means you get your music everywhere. That way you save yourself some time while waiting for your engineer to get back to you. Este é o podcast do PublishNews e vamos falar aqui toda semana, das últimas notícias do mercado editoral, livreiro, e a indústria do livro. Do NOT Use MP3s! Para hacerlo, primero debe configurar una cuenta de artista de Spotify. Don't upload music from others unless you have the right to do so. Then if you scroll down, you can enter additional details if you’ve already released this song before. You make podcasts. The many playlists Spotify makes just for you, such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, are based on your listening habits (what you like, share, save, skip) and the listening habits of others with similar taste. Next, you’ll begin a new release. The next field is “Record Label” if you’re on the Musician Plus package. They will stay up even if you don’t renew your DistroKid subscription. If you have 3 or more, use a comma to separate the names and an “&” before the LAST featured artist name. But at least now, when a fan you gain manually starts telling their friends about you, your music will be easily findable everywhere online. Or do would you have to pay an extra $30 per release if you wanted that feature? See the screenshot below: A featured artist should be entered in brackets like this: “SONG NAME (feat. There are tons of forums, Facebook groups and other online spots where people talk about and share new music. It will get rejected from all the stores/sites. Click Submit a Playlist, sign up using your Spotify account, and then select the playlist you want to publish. You basically pay a fee, upload your song/album and enter all the applicable information (release date, artists/features, title, cover art, etc). Consider what you want from your DSP. Also, whichever cover yo use, don't get it from google. Here’s another quick tip: download the smartphone app TikTok (formerly – it’s mostly younger people making lip-sync videos and sharing online, but it can help you too. Spotify also released a feature called “Spotify for Artists” that you should definitely sign up for. Excepto escuchar música en Spotify, es posible que también desee publicar sus canciones originales en Spotify. I believe all of the add-ons are PER release, so you’ll have to pay for each new release’s addon features. Over the past six months, music and podcasts have brought people together like never before—especially when it comes to playlist collaborations. A couple weeks later, you can access your music on all the different streaming platforms. "Do you have any resources on how to upload music to Spotify?". We’ve learned that just because it costs less, doesn’t mean it’s better.. DistroKid partners with a middleman company called Merlin to handle the collection of money for artists. Don’t upload some amateur, distorted or shitty sounding audio. Spotify requires all audio to be in ISO/IEC 11172-3 MPEG-1 Part 3 (MP3) audio with bitrates between 96 and 320 kbps. On mobile, they're featured in Home. All DistroKid memberships allow you to release AS MUCH MUSIC as you want for the entire year. There are a couple others, but the above 3 are the best (with TuneCore being the “top of the top!”). Once you've set up your podcast on Transistor, we recommend that you submit to these public directories: Spotify – Transistor can submit your podcast to Spotify immediately. We’ll check you out Sage, thanks! The new feature’s called “Synced Lyrics.”. Basically, if you want Step 1 – Find a Music Distributor I have the premium but it is impossible to really own the Spotify tracks unless to convert the Spotify tracks via a converter like Audfree, etc., which is the way I am using. You still gotta grind it out and build up a fanbase. When you get your mastering done, make sure the engineer sends you audio files that are mastered for STREAMING (not for vinyl, CD, etc). Get your show on Spotify, and see the data and insights you need to grow your audience. Thanks, If Cdbaby is the only one who tracks and pays you royalties, how do you get royalties if you you use the other distributors? Distributing an album on TuneCore will run you $29.99 for the first year and $49.99 for each year after that. Unlimited uploads, keep 100% of your earnings, more features than any other music distributor. But maybe if you already put it out on SoundCloud you can also consider it a re-release. Just hit “Save And Continue” and you’re almost ready to finalize your release. If you want your music to be everywhere (which it absolutely MUST be) then you need to use a music distribution company like TuneCore. It’s well worth it to be able to manage your presence on the largest streaming platform in the world. They’ll send you a confirmation email. You can choose to release a single (1 song) or up to 35 songs together as an album/collection/playlist. If your song gets placed in a playlist, Spotify will send you an email notification. Do you want to publish your music on music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and 100s more, so that people can listen to your music all over the world? is that a one time fee that is permanently applied to your account? Whether you’re signed up for Spotify as an artist or as a listener, keep in mind that you can always make use of a program called DumpMedia Spotify Music Converter. The best part about TuneCore, though, is you get to keep 100% of your royalties, and there are no hidden fees. TuneCore negotiates DIRECTLY with stores – no middleman. Here’s how you can publish to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts in a few easy steps. That’s why starting today, we’re giving our Collaborative Playlist feature an upgrade, so users around the world can continue feeling close to their friends and loved ones through the power of music and podcasts,... Read more » You get to keep 100% of your music royalties, You get access to Apple Music Trend Reports. Generally you want to make sure you submit to Apple Podcasts and Spotify. We make it easier for millions of people to find and listen to them. But it’s not 100% necessary. Spotify is all the music you’ll ever need. Spotify is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. In this article, I will show you everything you need to know to publish your lyrics on Spotify. We partnered with TuneCore to offer you 20% OFF your first distribution! You can also decide to make your playlists public or private on Spotify. Listening is everything - Spotify Here’s why TuneCore is our #1 CHOICE when getting your music on Spotify, Apple Music and elsewhere: Guess what? MP3s suck. Then my songs will forever be on spotify, itunes etc for 48.99. DistroKid also has a few additional smaller stores it works with, and is always adding new ones. Here are some tips. Download our free Ultimate Serum Library and improve your sound library today. Think about what you will want or need in the future and choose the provider that you think will best suit your needs. DistroKid recommends that you set your release date to at least 7 days in the future, because it increases the chances that you’ll be added to major streaming playlists. Not a big deal, it’s totally up to you. S, after you upload to Spotify you still need to actively promote your music to new fans and get new listeners from other online platforms. Check this option at the very least because it increases the chances new fans will discover your music. If you’re signed to a label, they’ll take care of getting your music to Spotify. Podcast artwork must use a square (1:1) aspect ratio in the highest resolution available. So on the next page, enter your credit card information and pay for the yearly membership. If you don’t currently work with a distributor, Spotify works with companies who can handle the licensing and distribution of your music and pay you the royalties you earn when listeners stream your music on Spotify. If you’re independent, you’ll have to arrange distribution yourself. get music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, How to Upload Your Music to Spotify, iTunes, Tidal & Everywhere Else. But how to publish lyrics on Spotify and with which tools I can do that? Get Started Global analytics. Upload music videos (or picture videos) of your songs to YouTube manually. I’m probably gonna make it big time now. When we first learned about that, we were really disappointed. If you have 2 features, use the “&” symbol. Even without a record label, you can use a music distribution service to publish your music on multiple platforms. We encourage you to check out the websites of all of these providers prior to choosing which one you will use. You’ll notice it allows you to pre-buy a release credit for future use. But we recommend choosing at least the Musician Plus option. It gives you some additional customization and reporting/analytics. A Standard Album costs $49 and a Pro album is $89 (introductory price only). It’s also a good idea to add the “Store Automator” feature because any new stores that get started will get your music automatically without you having to re-submit to them in the future. This is WORTH IT. 200MB is approximately 83 minutes at 320Kbps or over 200 minutes at 128Kbps. And unfortunately these companies take a percentage of the money they collect FIRST, before giving it to DistroKid to payout to artists and rights holders. It’s a crazy feeling seeing your name and music on places like Spotify and Apple Music. Don't upload music from others unless you have the right to do so. Press the “Upload or Create Artwork” button on the top left, and you’ll see a page like this one: Take a quick look at the requirements to make sure your artwork is compatible with TuneCore. If you don’t see the email, check your spam folder or “promotions” tab if you’re using Gmail. And they payout more (100% of 100%) to actual artists and rights holders. Don’t worry though, once you distribute your music properly (which we’ll show you exactly how to do) your music will still be available for purchase too (lol). DistroKid also did implement a feature that’s pretty dope that other distributors don’t do. Unfortunately they don’t offer PayPal or anything else as an option, so you’ll need access to a credit card. Transistor. Maybe the die-hard fans who will buy everything you put out, but how many of those you got? Select at least one category that best describes your show. After you hit that join button, your credit card will be charged and you’re greeted with this screen: And then when you hit “Start Now” you’ll get the following screen. Got any tips, comments, suggestions or questions about music distribution? That comes later…. We’re almost done! Listen to Podcast do PublishNews on Spotify. Spotify automatically publishes your listening habits, including playlists, to your profile page and on Facebook. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. After that scroll down a bit to see more options available to you. Make sure you capitalize the first letter of each word/name. We’ll talk more about effective ways to promote your music in upcoming Tuesday Artist Series blog posts. DEFINITELY select this one. You also get great analytics and stats about your music’s performance online, but I don’t think it’s integrated with the Spotify app on your mobile device. This would then make this submission a “re-release.”. Check out the right hand side of the above picture. And then when you hit that “Add Contact Information” button (yes, that’s a lot of f$^kin clicks to get to where you’re going…) you’ll be asked to enter all your relevant contact details. After you’ve chosen your extras (make sure you AT LEAST choose the Instagram/Facebook option), check the 4 check-boxes at the bottom (you’re agreeing to a bunch of terms and conditions so you should read all that shit). But how to publish lyrics on Spotify and with which tools I can do that? You can also choose if you want to allow people to pre-order the song on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon. Make sure you’re uploading something that looks good. It’s mostly optional info anyways. The Latest OnPublish Integrations. And I’m going to teach you how, right now! If this is the first time you’ve ever released music under this name (and there’s no one else with the same artist/band name) the screen will look like the above screenshot. It lets you distribute as much music as you want for that year under a single artist name. And thank you for all your info! Apple Podcasts is a service for podcast delivery and consuming, and supports practically all Apple devices (and iTunes on the PC.) And if you play an instrument, brush up on how to play guitar or how to play piano before you record your music. Leave em in the comments. As far as capitalization, it’s the same rules as for the Artist Name section above. TuneCore has made it easy, cheap, and fast to put your music on the most popular streaming services and stores worldwide. If you mess this up you’re going to have a huge headache (and potential legal issues) in the future. Understand how your songs are performing on playlists. If the artist that gets found is really you, then choose “That’s Me!” or “Yes – group this release with my other [NAME] releases” for both. Click Here Get All Your Music On Streaming Platforms Quickly and Easily! Is it just a service that helps artists to publish their music on the Spotify? . Get Your Podcast on Spotify with Libsyn Log into your Libsyn account, and on the dashboard, click the ‘Destinations' tab, then ‘Add New' then beside Spotify hit ‘Edit'. Check out Spotify for Artists to manage your Spotify presence and get to know your fans. We all know how that turned out – when’s the last time you actually BOUGHT music you liked? With TuneCore you get higher payouts, peace of mind and full distribution of your music to Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and much more. Then, choose if you have explicit lyrics (swears) in the song and whether the song you’re uploading is an instrumental (no lyrics/words) or a “radio edit” and move to the next step. First enter the name of the song(s) – and note that THIS is where you’d enter any featured artists names. If you already have an ISRC code click the little link on the right side and enter it. We live in a visual culture. Publish your podcast on Spotify Your podcast at Spotify in 3 easy steps. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You can turn this function off by choosing File→Preferences (Spotify→Preferences on the Mac) and deselecting the Automatically Publish New Playlists check box in the options that appear. A lot of new artists wonder how to get music on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and all the other major online music platforms. You just need an active yearly subscription. Click Here to Claim Your Discount!! Most Helpful, thank you!!.. After that you’ll see a screen where you have to enter in all your information about the track. So, if you don’t choose this option you’ll need to make sure you’re renewing your DistroKid membership every single year to make sure your music always stays on the different streaming and music purchase platforms. There’s no real reason to customize this, so just leave it at ALL STORES. BUT, don’t rely on it to get your music on streaming services. Once you finish filling in all the information you’ll be asked to upload audio/image files and make payment. Make it easy. First enter your artist or band name (not your real name, unless that IS your artist/band name). As a CD Baby client, you also get instant artist verification on Spotify and access to detailed Spotify trending reports, updated daily in your CD Baby members account. Choose your audio file from your computer and you’re good to go! The 8 most important things to know about submitting a song to Spotify’s editorial team: You still need distribution; this is not a process for delivering music to Spotify directly, only for drawing Spotify’s attention to a track that has already been delivered to their ecosystem.So distribute your music to Spotify. thank you deviant noise your information is very helpful i am new artist here now i know what is like to upload music thank you thank you . Now we need to enter the details about the music we’re uploading and actually upload the audio files. Then choose the file(s) (make it high quality WAV if possible) you’ll be uploading. If you don’t have one, you can buy a Visa or Mastercard gift card and it should work. They offer a lot of additional services like help with social media, publishing and much more. With Pro they’ll also collect and pay royalties for you (make sure you’re also a member of a Performance Rights Organization like ASCAP, BMI or SOCAN).

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